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Get College Credit For What You Already Know

Do you have a lot of career experience in one particular area? Get college credit for what you already know! This process is called Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). When choosing an academic program as an adult, non-traditional student you may be seeking to leverage all of the experience and knowledge that you currently have and translate that into college credit. One way to gain academic credit quickly is through PLA. If your institution has a PLA program then connect with the coordinator of that program to see how to get your experience articulated into usable academic credit. Even if your knowledge is determined to be equivalent to three academic credits, then that is three fewer credits that you would need to complete and pay for.

If your institution doesn't have a PLA program then research resources like They can help you determine how many credits you may be able to earn through their PLA process. Also, taking courses through these providers may give you more knowledge and background in a subject that you are already semi-proficient in thus you may be able to leverage that experience when taking the program (for a fraction of the cost of college credits). There are many online resources for gaining more education and knowledge in a particular area and leveraging that knowledge can be advantageous for saving time and money toward your degree. A small amount of research may end up saving you a large amount of time and money!

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