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Where are the Leads?

Leads! Leads! Where are you, leads? Are you finding that the number of inquiries (leads) in your data reporting doesn’t match the number of accepted students, applications, and enrollments?

It could be that inquiries (leads) are being sent directly from a prospective student to a program rep without that data being entered into a CRM. People often email a program rep directly which starts a conversation that helps that person apply or enroll. If that doesn’t happen, and the person delays their enrollment because life got in the way, they may not connect back thus the communication stops.

What happens if that rep leaves the institution – then the leads are gone too.

If the prospective student’s contact information isn’t stored in a CRM, it is virtually impossible to communicate with them moving forward. A future enrollment has been lost because the ongoing communication stopped.

Adult learners want a solution to their problem. So, if we are lucky enough to get their call or email, then focus on getting them entered into a CRM - they will probably enroll with you as long as you continue to communicate with them.

Focus on finding the gaps where potential enrollments are slipping away, and you’ll see better alignment with the data and increased enrollments.

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