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Use Positive Language to Encourage and Influence Prospective Students to Enroll at Your College.

Strategy: Use positive language to influence adult learners to attend your institution. When someone contacts you, try saying something like, "Congratulations on taking this step toward finishing your degree!" and see what happens. When is the last time someone said congratulations to you? When is the last time someone said that you were making a great decision by doing something? When has someone pointed out that by taking this step, you can do something faster, cheaper, more conveniently, etc., and that they are there to help you do so? It's rare indeed.

Attached is a worksheet that has examples of what to say to start a conversation off on the right foot when connecting with people via email and phone. Enroll more students by surprising them with positive language - it can be a lonely decision for someone, so help them make the decision to invest in your institution. It's an easy thing to do that doesn't cost you anything...

Mini Course Handout
Download PDF • 191KB

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